The J.Schmalz GmbH company is founded in 1910 and Germany is located in Glatten. The company is constantly customer oriented also technological innovations in the area of the industrial vacuum, high quality and the minimum delivery time and production. Thus to this Schmalz is the international leader in the market of vacuum automation and ergonomic decisions.

The LLC "TechVitasBel" company is an official dealer in the territory of Republic of Belarus that is confirmed by the certificate.

Main lines:

Schmalz provides a full range of vacuum products which include vacuum components and the systems of capture, ergonomic vacuum lifting systems and clamping vacuum blocs.



The Schmalz company has a wide range of potential solutions of tasks proceeding from long-term experience in the industrial vacuum industry and the maximum flexibility in technical innovative developments that is the main advantages of the company. Schmalz proposes to the clients highly effective solutions which precisely correspond to their concrete applications that allows to achieve high performance, safety and durability. Throughout the entire period of operation of the equipment Schmalz, we are ready to render service full technically and consultation.

Today, the large role in structure of industrial production of Republic of Belarus is played by the woodworking industry. In this segment the Schmalz company has no analogs on quality among the tightening equipment for processing of details, original decisions in metal working and also in allied industries where exact positioning is required. Clamping vacuum blocs of Schmalz for a reliable clip of the processed details complete machines of such global manufacturers as: HOMAG Group, SCM/Morbidelli, Biesse, etc.